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What is more important than a job?
Is the work environment that doesn't lead to depreciation, anxiety, or depression.

Career Areas

How is it look like to work at Monde?

Our management believes that everyone deserves respect and appreciation regardless of his/her background or position. Here are some of the core values that we believe in at Monde.

At Monde, we don't call them mistakes, we call them learning opportunities. We don't have managers, we have caretakers. We don't have a routine, we have ongoing challenges and personal development. At Monde, you will never be the same!


At Monde, we make a huge effort to keep our work environment welcoming and relaxing. We also, encourage employees to express their opinions and contribute to the community development. We use a promotion system that is based on performance and work ethics, not only long-tenured. By following these policies, we hope that one day, we will become a role model that demonstrates the concept of a “Positive and friendly work environment coupled with success!” That’s why one of our goals at Monde is to improve the work environment in Egypt by example.
At Monde you will learn, grow, enjoy, and belong while you are working!

Benefits of working at Monde

1. Flexible working hours.

We know that everyone has other obligations other than work and we respect that! Therefore, at Monde, we offer to set up a schedule that best fits your other duties and goes with the company's interest.

2. Positive and relaxing work environment.

We believe that a positive work environment maximizes employee’s performance. That’s why we make sure to provide a free-stress work environment.

3. Incentives and appreciations.

We genuinely appreciate people who are passionate about what they are doing and go above and beyond their job duties. That's why we provide tangible and intangible incentives that are meant to highlight and encourage these accomplishments.

4. Professional training.

We don’t through you to the fire and expect you to survive. But instead, we train you very well and educate you about everything related to your positions. That goes from the company policies and work ethics to our expectations out of your role.

5. Competitive salaries.

Money is essential and one of the main reasons why people look for a job. That’s why we make sure to pay you the amount you deserve based on your experience and commitment.

6. Growing and exploring opportunities.

It’s important for you to keep growing and be updated with the new changes in the market. That’s why we ensure to help you grow and develop skills on daily basis.

7. Unique Promotion System.

Our promotion system is one of the best since it depends much on performance instead of just being a long-tenured employee. Therefore, it is very likely that you may get promoted even you are new to the company based on your performance.

8. Ongoing promotions.

Since we have been growing rapidly the past few years, we are continuing to promote efficient employees to serve our expansion. So, it’s highly likely to be promoted within your first few years if you proved efficient.

9. Safety is a priority.

We take harassment complaints very seriously, no matter who is accused. We put an extra effort to make sure our work environment is as safe and respectful as possible.

10. We got your back!

We assign professionals and the necessary tools to help you with your position. We make sure to do our best to eliminate any potential obstacles and provide you with what you need to do your job.


Sales Representative

Negotiation skills, Communication skills, Self-motivated


Web Developer

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript



Microsoft Package (Word and Excel are priority), Organization skills, Maintain scheduling



Greeting attitude, Maintain security, Telephone Reception


HR Manager

Employee Relations, Recruitment & Talent acquisition, Payroll management


Data Entry

Fast typing, Organizing data, Accuracy


Marketing Manager

Customer acquisition, Strategies, Market research, Brand awareness


Graphic Designer

Creativity, Animation, Web knowledge



Accounts managerial, Financial strategy, Financial reports and analysis


Customers Service

Handle customer complaints, Collecting information, Social media awareness